Why we built Rockr

There are many processes and projects that don’t fit the mould of traditional talk based project management tools. In particular, projects which have the following attributes:

  • Projects and processes that require a standard number of high-level steps to be completed.
  • Projects and processes that require assurance that teams follow an exact number of known steps to complete
  • Projects and processes that must be repeatable to create a standardised approach  

We developed Rockr because we felt there was a need for a different type of tool to manage these processes to give organisations assurance and control over deliveries and execution. 

What is Rockr

Rockr is a different kind of project management tool. It allows you to prescribe, monitor and execute processes and projects with robust governance. Rockr manages laborious admin tasks such as managing and tracking sign-offs, collecting and storing deliverable and managing governance so you can focus on delivering instead of being dragged down by admin activities. 

Teams can collaborate across organisations and create clear lines of accountability, through clearly assigned roles such as deliverable owners and people accountable for review and sign-off.

From project management to information mastery

Managing information is difficult and becomes exponentially more so in fast paced environments with multiple work streams and project teams. We are addressing this challenge with Rockr’s AI-based information discovery engine. We developed advanced machine learning models based on the likes of BERT, to automatically discover and connect information across any project. In practice this means that Rockr analyses your projects in real-time and creates recommendations. For example, if 2 work streams are working on “Cyber security” related activities, Rockr ensures that those teams are aware of each others activities.

Rockr’s journey is just starting but is is already packed with powerful features to power any project.

Meet the team

Davis Martens


Irone Egbejule

Engagement Manager

Calvin Lau

Associate Consultant

Raj Chawla


Anup Das Gupta

Senior Developer