Managing Building Compliance Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

Keep track of tasks that keep your assets safe, compliant and performant. Manage building compliance in an integrated platform.

Keep Asset Running Compliantly

Ensure assets are compliant at all times.


Ensure safety compliance activates are undertaken, tracked and documented.


Plan steps to reduce your asset’s environmental footprint and ensure they are implemented


Ensure FM teams take all steps to maximise the performance of your facility

Collaborate With Suppliers

Stronger together. Working with your supply chain helps reduce risk, stay compliant and improves asset performance. 

Collaborate Asset Compliance

Take advantage of expert knowledge in your supply chain and coordinate evaluation and compliance activities among suppliers and partners.  

All Building Compliance Documents. One Platform.

Good information management will pay for itself. Reduce your FM team’s time spent on  sifting through documents by using Rockr’s AI powered search, auto-discovery and tagging features.

Templates To Make Building Compliance Standardised And Efficient

Don’t reinvent the wheel when evaluating compliance. Create standardised assessment templates to plan manage and track asset compliance. Reap the benefits of better whole-life performance through a consistent approach to compliance management .

Get Started

Say goodbye to the mess and start delivering construction project handovers like a pro.