Make Every Asset & Building Handover Count

Asset and building handover greatly determine whole-life performance. Learn how Rockr can supercharge your next handover.

Asset & Building Handover Matters

Maximise the performance of assets through efficient and comprehensive handovers.


Reduce time spent on searching, managing  and comparing information.


Setup handover plans up in minutes with pre-built and custom templates.

Customer success

Keep clients happy through a clear handover plan and efficient communication.


Let teams focus on important tasks and let Rockr handle documents and information.


Create detailed handover plans including owners, stage gates and documentation required.


Share documents and handover information with clients directly on Rockr.

Customer Story

Improving Building Handovers

“Handovers have always been a struggle for us. Rockr has definitely helped us to make the process more transparent and easier to manage.”

Compliance During Handover And Beyond

Ensure assets are compliant with regulations, performance requirements and standards. Ensure project teams complete all tasks required to ensure assets perform to the highest standards.

Get Started

Say goodbye to the mess and start delivering construction project handovers like a pro.