Supercharged Construction Handover

Say goodbye to wasting time on chasing documents, comparing versions. Manage any construction handover and closeout like a pro. 

Simple, Powerful & Collaborative Construction Handover

Simplify project handover and reduce time spent on nonsense.

  • Create

    Customise task templates, set timelines and assign owners & approvers

  • Manage

    Real-time status updates, notifications and version control

  • Closeout

    Real-time status updates, notifications and version control

All the features you need to master construction handover effortlessly

Tools & features for projects of any size


Create detailed activities and deliverables to master handovers.


Upload and manage documents by task and organise information.


Manage revisions, approvals and requested changes for tasks in Rockr.


Use AI to identify and connect project information automatically.

Project Stages

Group tasks and activities into project stages. 


Make handovers repeatable and efficient through customisable templates.

AI-Powered Construction Handover

Organise and identify information across tasks on projects with AI-powered auto-discovery. Automatically analyse information. 

Construction project handover software

Keep Construction Handover Information Secure

Security is at the forefront of Rockr. Rest assured, your data is in good hands.

  • User and role management

    Role based permissions to provision the right access at the right time.

  • Automatic Backups

    All data is regularly backed up, so even if the worst happens, you can always restore information.

  • Protected by Azure

    All data is stored in the UK or a data center in your local country.

  • Data Encryption

    All data is stored encrypted to prevent unauthorised access and protection from cyber attacks.

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