Ensure teams deliver to plan

Rockr is where project governance is managed. Ensure best practices are implemented, decisions and sign-offs are tracked and projects delivered as planned.

How Rockr works

  • Create a project

    Import activities from standardised templates and assign admins specific to a project.

  • Design a handover tracker

    Ensure any activities required for handover are properly planned from the beginning of a project.

  • Assign owners

    Identify who is responsible for creating, reviewing and signing off key deliverables across stakeholders and organisations. Activities are published by project stage gate.

  • Track and deliver

    Users create their assigned deliverables and Rockr’s AI-driven information discovery and search engine recommends users deliverables they need to know, preventing information silos.

Workflow templates to deliver like clockwork

Create repeatable workflows by creating project templates. Outline key milestones, activities and deliverables by template and help your team adopt best practices.

Digital audit trails

Keep detailed audit trails of to ensure you can trace any decision back to it’s origin. Keep track of who’s accountable, and what actions were taken when to keep programmes moving. 

Integrated project handover planner

Hand projects over with ease. Setup activities specifically related to handovers alongside your project activities in a separate handover planner and track progress to ensure you and your end-users maximise project outcomes.