Managing complex projects just got easier

Where Rockr is used

Ensure complex projects are delivered as planned, by implementing clarity and control. Rockr is where governance is managed.


  • User and role management

    Role based permissions to provision the right access at the right time.

  • Collaborate across organisations

    Assign actions to 3rd parties, consultants or contractors and work as one team.

  • Review and sign-off management

    Assign accountable people for sign-off or track what has been succesfullt signed off directly in Rockr.

  • Integrated milestone manager

    Manage projects against milestones to ensure activities are completed as planned.

  • AI-driven information discovery

    Connect information like never before, by recommending related project information to users.

  • Integrated project handover planner

    Properly plan the handover to end-users and avoid the last minute scramble.

  • Accountability and decision audit trails

    Maintain an overview of who was responsible for what through detailed digital audit trails.

  • Customisable project templates

    Develop best practice project templates, for repeatability of project successes.

Construction project handover software

Project assurance when there is no room for error

Define templates and workflows, assign accountability for delivery and sign-off and keep detailed audit trails of decisions, requests and changes in one digital platform.

AI that identifies information you need to know

Our AI assistant identifies relevant documents and deliverables from across the project that you need to complete tasks, so you don’t have to look for that one piece of information someone created 6 months ago.