Managing users & roles

Managing users & roles

To add new users to your Rockr account:

  1. Go to the “Users” tab on the left hand side navigation
  2. Select “New user”
  3. Populate the users profile details (forename, surname and email are required).

By default, all newly added collaborators are created as “Users”. To create an Admin:

  1. On the user profile, go to the “Roles” tab at the top of the user profile.
  2. Select the “Admin” checkbox.
  3. Press “Save”

NOTE: There is no need to assign the Project Admin Role from the profile. Project Admins are directly assigned during project creation or on the project details page.

About project roles

Rockr recognises 3 types of roles:

Admin: A superuser with the ability to do anything that users can do with the system. You should limit the number of Admins to only trusted and essential users to govern you approach to managing projects on Rockr.

Project Admin: Nominated experts or accountable person entrusted to manage a project. Their they can do anything that an Admin can do, but only for projects they have been specifically assigned to as Project Admin.

User: Users are responsible for delivering project activities or signing off submitted deliverables depending on what responsibility they have been assigned (either deliver or sign off deliverables).

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