Templates and project stages

Templates and project stages

Setting up Stage gates

  • On the left menu select “Project templates”
  • Select “New template”
  • Name your template and pres “Save”
  • Select “Excel operations” and download both sample templates for activities and handover
  • Define your activities and stage gates in the excel template (in the activities template is where you define your stages)
  • Once completed, upload the template as an .xlsx file into the Rockr template screen under “Excel operations” by selecting “Import activities” and “Import handover”.
  • The template that was uploaded should now be visible on the “Project template” overview with its status set as “Active”

NOTE: You can make changes to activities within your projects, but you must define your stages before you start the project. We are working on adding functionality to edit and add stages in projects directly.

See our Manage and publish project stages doc for details on how to prepare and publish stages.

About Stage gates

Stages gates are a mechanism to manage your projects time and progress. They control which activities are published to users. There are 2 areas that manage stage gates:

  • Handover stage gates: Controls when handover activities are ready to be published to Project Admins. Only once a Handover stage is published to a project, can a project stage be published to users.
  • Project stage gates: Controls which and when activities are published to users

IMPORTANT: If you you are unable to publish a project stage, check that the Handover stage was published.

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