Never Settle For Less Than Perfect On FM Handover

One platform to manage FM handover, asset and whole-life performance from the start. Never settle for less.

Make Every FM Handover Count

Project handovers are the foundation of how well assets will perform. This is no time to cut corners.


Keep track of requirements, documentation and manuals and plan flawless asset handovers.


Collaborate with contractors and suppliers to ensure FM teams can maximise asset performance.


Assure assets are fully compliant with regulations, guidance and standards to ensure safety and compliance.

Communicate And Manage Changes To Requirements And Information

Communicate changes, updates and decisions with your supply chain without information getting lost.

Document management

Approvals & sign-off

Change notifications & communication

Customer Story

Improving Building Handovers

“Handovers have always been a struggle for us. Rockr has definitely helped us to make the process more transparent and easier to manage.”

Compliance During FM Handover And Beyond

Ensure assets are compliant with regulations, performance requirements and standards. Ensure project teams complete all tasks required to ensure assets perform to the highest standards.

Organise Information, Tasks And Documents Required For A Seamless FM Handover

Create transparent asset handover plans, track activates and ensure projects are delivered to the original requirements. Collaborate with contractors and supply chain to make handovers efficient and effective.

Don't Let Anything Slip Through The Cracks During Handover

Use AI to identify and connect project and asset information automatically. Focus of maximising your asset and spend less time searching and comparing information.

Identify information related to tasks

Re-use information in 1-click

Automate information management

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Say goodbye to the mess and start delivering construction project handovers like a pro.