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Don’t let a site handover stand between you and well deserved profit. Deliver seamless site handovers, from start to finish.

A Good Site Handover Generates New Project Opportunities

A strong finish to a project, is an opportunity to build long-term customer relationships and win new work.

Contract obligations

Keep track of contract obligations, compliance and regulations to ensure you deliver everything as agreed.


Ensure subcontractors and suppliers provide the required results and information for handover and close out.


Avoid claims and disputes. Keep flawless records and logs of all your activates ready for handover and closeout.

Customer Story

Accelerating project closeout

“Our clients are delighted by the transparency and ease of use that Rockr provides, meanwhile we are able to handover much faster because there were fewer questions and follow ups.”

Collaborate With Clients On Site Handovers

Clearly categorise, organise and present information in minutes. Work with clients to agree deliverables, get approval and closeout handover tasks stress free.

Don't Let Anything Slip Through The Cracks

Use AI to identify and connect project information automatically. 

Identify information related to tasks

Re-use information in 1-click

Automate information management

Automatically Track Every Change, Decisions and Approval

Claims can be costly, and cause damage to your business and reputation. Keep track of every change, decision and approval and find the right information in a few clicks if you ever need to present evidence for your work.

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Say goodbye to the mess and start delivering construction project handovers like a pro.