Supercharge Soft Landings To Get The Most Out Of Assets

You wouldn’t expect a car without a manual, so why would buildings come without one? Use Rockr to deliver Soft Landings on one platform.

Intelligent Asset Handover

Maximise the performance of assets through efficient and comprehensive handovers.

Track requirements

Verify that initial requirements were delivered with ease.

Manage information

Organise documents, manuals and certificates in one place.

Manage handovers

Ensure all activities are completed before closeout. 

Digital Soft Landings

Deliver handovers with traceable requirements and digital audit trails. Ensure asset handovers are organised and focused on maximising whole-life performance.

In accordance with ISO 19560

BS8536-1 & 2 Compliant

Customer Story

Delivering BS8536-1 & 2

“We are required to deliver BS8536-1 & 2 which is challenging because of the varied supply chain we tend to work with. Rockr is helping us to communicate and track expectations with contractors clearly and consistently which has been a great success.”

Consistent Handovers Setup In Minutes with Templates

Create consistent handover requirements using templates. Use pre-built or custom handover template designed by leading Soft Landings expert Terry Gough to get started.

Real-Time Information Management

Effortless and automated information management. 

AI-Powered Information Management

Connect information like never before. Auto-detect information that belongs together to ensure critical information is never missed.

Find Anything In Seconds

Finding the right information is time consuming. Rockr makes all information searchable instantly.

Organise And Categorise

Group information into stages and categories and turn asset data into a powerful and evolving knowledge catalogue.

Real-time Updates

Ensure that decisions, changes and updates are communicated to the entire project team in real-time.

Get Started

Say goodbye to the mess and start delivering construction project handovers like a pro.