Construction Project Compliance

Project compliance for contractors and clients.

Rockr is a task and document manager that helps ensure teams, subcontractors, and projects stay compliant at all times.

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One platform. Every project.

Whether you’re a general contractor, client, or subcontractor, with Rockr you can organise your projects for success.

Manage tasks & documents

Keep track of requirements during construction project handover.

Simple approvals flows

Quickly add multi-level approvals to ensure the right sign-offs are in place.

Create reusable templates

Collaborate with clients to get everything done before closeout.

Compliance is good for business.

Easy-to-use workflow and interface to enable everyone to collaborate.

Save costs

Deliver faster

Reduce risk

Win more work

Reduce disputes

Track & Manage

Manage tasks & documents in one place.

Create tasks, track progress, and manage documents, with Rockr you can mange your project’s compliance throughout the entire lifecycle.


Give clients confidence in your delivery with flawless documentation and detailed visibility of project updates.

Project team

Simplify how your teams organise their tasks and documents to deliver projects that are compliant by design. 


Make it easy for subcontractors to work compliantly on your project. Assign them specific tasks and track them through to completion.


Keep full audit trails of decisions, certificates, documentation and more and share it with local authorities, fire departments, and other regulators.


One platform. Every stakeholder.

Collaborate with all your stakeholders in one place to deliver profitable and compliant projects. With Rockr you can organise work across all your teams.

Don't Repeat Yourself

Create reusable templates.

With Rockr you can create your own reusable templates that alow you to set up new projects in seconds. Define your project structure and common activities to create new projects in 1-click.

Reduce Risk

Compliance dashboard.

Quickly identify where you have compliance gaps. Track your compliance progress by project stage and remind users to complete their tasks to reduce your risk.


Track sign-offs & decisions.

Create tasks, track progress, and manage documents, Rockr is a simple tool that lets you mange your project’s compliance throughout the entire lifecycle.

We regularly hear things like...

We see roughly a 60% reduction in subcontractor disputes which is amazing.

General Contractor United Kingdom

We user Rockr to de-risk our projects from design to completion.

Client United States

The system is easy to use and makes our jobs a lot simpler.

Subcontractor Germany

This has been a game changer for us. We have so much more visibility.

Government United Kingdom

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